123 Kids Fun Animal Band

123 Kids Fun Animal Band 1.18

Free Fun Music Educational App for Toddlers and Preschool Kids

This application makes you laugh while playing melody with the help of pets.

Play with sounds, create your own tracks, record them and show to your friends. Funny pets will help your toodlers and preschoolers with it: cats, dogs, ducks and birds.

Put your band members on stage to get the music started!

123 Kids Fun ANIMAL BAND is a unique application that allows you to assemble your very own animal band and make adorably quirky songs. You will have hours of fun creating and recording your own songs to keep and share with your friends.

Create songs with groups of the same types of animals, or mix and match animals to create your own band. Add and change pets while on stage and listen to what they can do.

Children have lots of fun making silly songs as well as develop their auditory and rhythmic skills. Let your imagination run wild with 123 Kids Fun ANIMAL BAND.

Game features include:

- Choose from several popular tunes for accompaniment.

- Enable and disable individual instruments.

- Create your own band.

- Record your tracks and show to your friends.


- Develops your child’s creativity.

- Teaches how to focus on sounds.

- Develops auditory memory.

- Develops auditory and visual sensitivity.

- Develops imagination.

123 Kids Fun Animal Band


123 Kids Fun Animal Band 1.18